Every day we work with others as we go about taking care of our family, business, and social responsibilities. The relationships we build in these endeavors have a tremendous impact on how successful we are in achieving our goals. At Sebaly Shillito + Dyer, we understand the importance of the role we play in taking care of our clients, resolving their problems, and helping them succeed at the highest level.

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Ohio BWC Switch to Prospective

Beginning July 1, 2015, the BWC has made the switch to the industry standard of prospective billing for employer premiums.  This means that employers will be required to pay their Workers’ Compensation premiums in advance of receiving coverage.  The switch Read More…

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Karl Ulrich

Recent NLRB Decision Modifies Rights of Temporary Workers

Are temporary workers from an employment agency included as part of the bargaining unit at the workplace to which they are assigned? After a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling, the answer to that question may likely be “yes.” On Read More…

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FLSA Exemption Rules

Update on Proposed FLSA Exemption Rules

As the law currently stands, the salary threshold for executive, administration, and professional (“EAP”) exemptions is $455 a week or $23,660 annually. On July 6, 2015, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) officially published its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking announcing proposed Read More…