Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Toyota

The Dayton, Ohio-based law firm Sebaly Shillito + Dyer filed a class-action lawsuit today against Toyota Motor Corporation, as well as other Toyota entities, over the design, manufacture, and sale of defective Toyota vehicles, which can “suddenly and without warning accelerate out of control.”

Rebecca S. Shumaker, et al. vs. Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc., et al., was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, at Dayton, and, among other things, alleges fraud, breach of warranties and contracts and violations of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and the Ohio Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Trial Attorney, Toby Henderson, alleges in the Complaint that according to Safety Research Strategies, “to date there have been 2,262 reported incidents of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles since 1999.  The Complaint alleges that Toyota “failed to disclose (and in some instances actively concealed and/or hid) information regarding these incidents to Ohio consumers” and even continued to market the vehicles without incorporating appropriate fail-safe designs.  The Complaint further alleges that Toyota also failed to warn Ohio consumers about the defects.

As a result of Toyota’s misleading business practices, Ms. Shumaker and other members of the class have been deprived of the full use, benefit, and value of their vehicles.

According to Henderson, “the evidence is mounting that Toyota has been trying to hide a life-threatening defect they have known about for years.  If they had put as much energy into admitting and repairing the defect as they have trying to hide it, they’d be in much better shape now.”

The suit asks for damages that will serve as a deterrent to any future misconduct on the part of Toyota that endangers the lives and safely of citizens.


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