Departments and Practice Groups

SS+D’s primary areas of practice are: Corporate Law, Litigation, Workers Compensation, Immigration, Family and Criminal Law, and Estate Planning. The members of each of these departments devote their time almost exclusively to the tasks associated with that department. Our litigators, as an example, spend their full time and focus on resolving disputes favorably for our clients. The Estate Planning Department is organized to handle the entire process of family protection and asset disposition, from the initial planning and documentation of the clients’ estate plans to probate matters. The attorneys in our Corporate Department are skilled and experienced in counseling business owners and handling all types of business transactions, including contract matters, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, securities issues, and labor and employment matters. Our goal is the development and maintenance of depth and expertise within each department.

We also have established practice groups comprised of attorneys who share an interest in a particular area of the law and whose experience, focus, and skills make them particularly well-suited to handle matters within that practice area. Practice groups are often comprised of litigators, for their skills in resolving disputes, and non-litigators, who provide guidance to clients in matters of legal compliance. For example, we have members of the Corporate Department (involved with compliance issues) as well as litigators (handling employment-related disputes) on the Labor and Employment Law Practice Group. The Health Care Law Practice Group brings together attorneys who have extensive knowledge of the health care field and those who can protect the interests of the clients when claims are asserted by or against other parties.

Each practice group works collaboratively to provide an unsurpassed level of quality to our clients. In order to learn more about any department or practice group, please click on the appropriate link to the above.


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