Diversity Statement

Sebaly Shillito + Dyer is committed to the principles of diversity. We believe that by recruiting, hiring, and promoting people of different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and preferences, the quality of our work life is improved and the legal services that we provide to our clients is more creative. Our leadership role in diversity within the legal community requires us to not only support diversity within our firm but to also promote the principles of diversity in the communities in which we live.

For some law firms diversity is just a good business practice. As a law firm that practices corporate law, SS+D understands good business practices so we agree that diversity in recruiting, hiring, and promoting makes good business sense for us as well as for our clients. But diversity for the firm of Sebaly Shillito + Dyer is not just a business practice, it reflects who we are, individually and as a firm, and how we live our lives outside of the workplace.

We hold the fundamental belief that differences in talents, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures make the practice of law not only more enjoyable but also better serve our clients by providing innovative and creative solutions for business and legal problems. Since the inception of the firm, diversity has been the cornerstone of SS+D. Diversity was first apparent when the firm was formed by a group that included a woman and remains true today with a minority shareholder chairing the SS+D recruitment committee. SS+D is unique with over 35% of the attorneys being women and minorities and is the leader in the greater Dayton legal community in the number of women and minorities in leadership positions within the firm. Because diversity has always been a part of the SS+D culture, it is only natural that SS+D has taken a leadership position in the Dayton legal community by promoting and sponsoring workshops and seminars to address the legal needs of the Gay and Lesbian community.

In addtion to creating and promoting an atmosphere of diversity within the firm, the professionals at SS+D have also committed themselves to involvement in their communities in order to promote and advance diversity. Some of these community efforts have resulted in the members of our firm receiving public recognition for their contributions. The diversity recognition outside of the firm includes the first Dayton lawyer recognized by the YWCA with a lifetime achievement award for community service, a shareholder sitting on the Board of the NCCJ, and another shareholder sitting on the Steering Committee of the Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations.

As a leader in diversity, SS+D is proud of both its firm culture and the community work of its attorneys. For us, diversity is not a burden or something that we have to do; it is who we are. Our commitment to diversity, like our tireless advocacy for our clients, is what makes SS+D a solid business partner inside the courtroom or across the negotiation table.

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