"After applying for a green card myself and being rejected, I turned to the attorneys of Sebaly Shillito + Dyer for assistance with my application. The lawyers at the SS+D Immigration Law Center were able to determine that my I-94 card was incorrectly stamped by border patrol agents when I entered the country. After discovering this error, the SS+D team put a plan in place which allowed me to reach my goal of becoming a green card holder. Thanks to the SS+D Immigration Law Center I am now a proud legal permanent resident of the United States."

Siku Ngandu

Kettering, Ohio

“I was in the United States working for an international corporation on an E visa when my family and I decided to pursue permanent residency in the U.S. Karl Ulrich and the team at the SS+D Immigration Law Center clearly explained the process involved to us, and we implemented a plan which would allow us to achieve the goal of becoming U.S. green card holders. The SS+D Immigration law team was courteous and professional. They worked with both me and my employer to collect all of the necessary information and documentation needed to maximize our chances for success. Karl and his team were also very efficient, helping us achieve our desired result in a fraction of the time we expected. I will recommend the SS+D Immigration Law Center to friends and business contacts.”

Hideaki Tanaka, President

Hexa Americas, Inc. (Sidney, Ohio)


Sebaly Shillito + Dyer is a law firm with attorneys whose practices include helping individuals navigate United States immigration laws ethically and successfully. We have offices in Dayton, Ohio and West Chester, Ohio.

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