Learning center

The law is complicated and expansive. We believe that, in additional to using our knowledge of the law to represent the interests of our clients, we should try to help our clients and others have a better understanding of how the law affects their lives. We do that routinely when we talk to our clients about pending matters and future projects. We also do that by presenting seminars/webinars and writing articles on topics that we believe are of general interest. To the right you will find links to some of this information. The first link will take you to a page that contains articles written by our attorneys on various legal topics. The other link will take you to a page that contains videos of webinars in which our attorneys have participated and materials that our attorneys have presented at seminars. Please note that all of this information is presented for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice or information that you should apply to your particular situation or circumstances.

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