Medical Marijuana OhioOhio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program is in full swing and is set to be completely operational by September 2018. As part of the program’s implementation, the Advisory Committee will review six sets of proposed rules: Cultivator, Processor, Testing Laboratory, Dispensary, Patient/Caregiver, and Physician Rules. Thus far, the proposed rules available to the public are the Cultivator, Dispensary and Physician Rules. Both the Dispensary and Physician Rules recently closed the public comment period on January 13, while the Cultivator Rules will continue to accept comments until January 27. Below is a brief summary of what each available proposed rule covers:

Cultivator Rules: help to ensure that patients will receive a safe and consistent medical marijuana product and establish a process that must be followed to provide adequate safety and security measures for cultivation facilities;

Dispensary Rules: ensure the safety of the public, access to a safe medical product, and scalability to allow the program to respond to changes in demand; and

Physician Rules: regulate the issuance of certificates to physicians wishing to be able to recommend medical marijuana for their patients.

We will continue to monitor the program’s progress, and keep you updated as additional rules become available for public review. For more information, contact SS+D’s Labor and Employment Practice Group at, in our Dayton office at 937.222.2052 or in our West Chester office at 513.644.8125.

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