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Ohio’s State-Funded Employers May Unknowingly Commit Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ Compensation fraud is most notoriously associated with the injured worker who manages to play 18 holes at their local golf club but can’t muster up to the strength to make it into work on Monday morning, or an employee Read More…

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Voluntary Abandonment: How Your Employee’s Actions Can Prevent Them From Receiving Worker’s Compensation Benefits

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offers various types of compensation for workers injured on the job, depending on the type and extent of the resulting injuries. One type of compensation is Temporary Total Disability benefits (“TTD”). TTD is a Read More…

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Industrial Workers Compensaton

Top Things an Ohio State-Funded Employer should do to Maintain Group Eligibility Overview.

In a fast-paced, industrial environment where employees frequently claim work-related injuries, smart employers are looking for ways to increase the bottom line and eliminate unnecessary costs. One way of managing workers’ compensation costs is to cut claim severity and frequency, Read More…